Curriculum Development

iSkills Workshop Programme, Faculty of Information; University of Toronto, 2013-Present.

  • As a means to think through our lived relationships with technology, critical making has emerged as a paradigm that bridges the gap between theory and praxis, and has generated tremendous student interest. As such, I collaborated with the Faculty of Information and its collaborative program, the Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI), to develop an extracurricular program for graduate students to gain technical knowledge that can enhance their research and coursework. Most notably, 3D printing has emerged as particularly well-suited for information-related research in which students are involved. Critical making-based workshops in this initiative, which is now entering its fourth year, include Introduction to 3D Design, Introduction to 3D Printing, Programming Arduinos for the Internet of Things, App Development, Introduction to Open-source Alternatives to Photoshop, and Introduction to Makerspaces. The programme has been accredited by the Faculty of Information to reflect this additional expertise on students’ co-curricular records.